Referring to the Forum, the art and practice of making an argument before a professional gathering.

Arch 652 is the last studio in the professional curriculum sequence at DoArch. One of the most fascinating aspects of architectural practice is the method of work, or workflows associated with the ideation and execution of architecture. The Forensics Studio is envisioned as a teaching and learning platform during the last semester of professional architectural study at SDSU. This studio will focus on researching a range of architecture projects completed in South Dakota by the leading local architecture firms of the state. This research will become evident through imagining and making visual narratives of architectural practice. In spite of its position at the end of the professional curriculum, the Forensics Studio is intended to catapult students into the world of practice. The semester-long research will be framed through the development of rigorous research methods associated with the ideation and execution of architecture in the place students live, study and practice in.

The intention of the Department of Architecture and its faculty is for the Forensics Studio to expand the ongoing dialogue between professional workflows and academic methods of research. It is this open dialogue between the profession and academia that will continue to define and strengthen the role of the discipline of architecture in South Dakota.